Meeting Minutes 10 Jan 2011

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Meeting Minutes

DATE 10 Jan 2011
LOCATION El Ranchito - Flat in Madrid

Chair: Marsha

Minute Taker: Marsha

Item 1: Contact Book

Scott to develop a contact book that identifies "who is who" with the view of creating an overview of the project. This will help people joining the project later to get up to speed.

The contact list can be now seen here Madrid Research Trip January 2011 on Day Three, A Walk in Madrid. Further details of e mails and phone numbers are available through the coordinators or working group.

Item 2; Scott and Metod's Walk

The guides (Scott and Metod) would appreciate some documentation - notes and images. Neil observes that the walk is a nice metaphor for the process itself (working with Ranchito) - process of becoming and developing. We agree we don't wish to be too prescriptive. We're interested in organisational behaviour - thinking in terms of ecologies and language..."rich language" - lots of media types, including images. Scott talks archiving stuff immediately and Marsha talked about the benefits of this for processing the information.

Action: Scott and Metod propose the name of the walk as "Walking the Talk and Talking the Walk"
Action: Firewall time to archive - but this will be fluid

Item 3; Questions

We meet with them. Project - refers to our contribution to the project that will celebrate the Matadero - our event. We aim to have the following: a date for the event; a form for the event; a focus for the event. Neil observes there's an interesting rub between the launch of the Matadero and El Ranchito's self-organisation.

Item 4: Experimenting with new ways of working

We decide that we hold off on deciding on the market and imagine an alternative structure. We imagine other possible forms and agree to have a brainstorming session later in the week.

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)


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