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(Item 6: Currencies, Money and Pricing)
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== Item 6:  Currencies, Money and Pricing ==
== Item 6:  Currencies, Money and Pricing ==
<blockquote><b> To discuss:</b> Tracking development of the currency system. Deciding our policy on monetary exchanges</blockquote>
<blockquote><b> To discuss:</b> Tracking development of the currency system. Deciding our policy on monetary exchanges</blockquote>
<blockquote><b> Discussed:</b> BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CONTENT</blockquote>
<blockquote><b> Discussed:</b> BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CONTENT </blockquote>
<blockquote><b> Action:</b> (Neil F) Increase power of laser cutting for Felt tokens</blockquote>
<blockquote><b> Action:</b> (Neil F) Increase power of laser cutting for Felt tokens</blockquote>

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DATE Tuesday 16th June 2015
LOCATION: 5 - 7pm, Sofaville, Top Floor E Block, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

THOSE PRESENT: Eva, Cinzia, Marsha, Kuba, Metod, Neil C, Karem, Claire, Neil F, Amy.


CHAIR: Cinzia

Item 1: Action Points from last meeting

To discuss: All actioned
Discussed: (Kuba) volunteered to help administer the CP e-mail.
Action: n/a

Item 2: TransActing Invitations/Confirmations

To discuss: Confirm all stall holders you are responsible for!
Discussed: After a round table clarification the Wiki is now up to date with Confirmations of those present.
Action: (All) finalise confirmation of attendees by end of Friday 19th June.

Item 3: Clarify TransActing Budgets

To discuss: To confirm all financial obligations, esp. in relation to our different stall holders. Clarify how claims from ACE budget are going to work.

a) Creating the invoices Kuba needs to start producing.

b) Divergent Working Group need to determine gaps.

c) Clarity and check there is no overspend.

Decision to pre-write invoices for invitees/stallholders and pay once they have providing materials for the publication after the market finishes. This will provide an incentive for providing materials.

In order to meet the ACE requirements and as soon as they submit the materials they wil be paid. see Publicity Item 10.

Risk of overspend: Discussion of payment schedule the remaining ACE funds will not be available until Nov. Therefore some recepients will need to wait for this. Of the £1500 remaining £750 is for Kuba and £750 for editing and proofreading the Publication.

Query – Where would unallocated invitee/stallholder budgets go? The Diversification invitees or building Market stalls?

Action: (All) prepare information for invoices in batches to forward to Kuba.

Action: (Kuba) to prepare invoices based on the confirmation page. Invitees will need to fill in bank details etc in avance of the market.

Action: Urgent (All) to confirm budget requirements by Friday 19th June.

Item 4: Diversification of the Market

To discuss: Report by Diversification Working Group, content and budget of additional stalls see Differentiation Meeting Minutes 13 June 2015
Discussed: Deciding who to invite depending on which values are not already covered.

Options Include: Timebanking, Bread fermentation/Irish soda bread, Henna painting, Massage, Womens Equality Party, Cloth swap, Commercial beautician, Avon Rep/Tupperware party.

Key question: How many stalls do we want?

Already we have 50 CP invitees and open call.

This is a lot of stalls to make.

Option to invite those that do not need stalls or could utilise blankets.

After Thursday 18th workshop will have a better idea of stalls and budgets for planning.

Food: Rejuce will be selling at a small profit margin they have their own tent.

Platform - should be considered.

Action: (All) Update wiki with stall requirements i.e. physical structures

Item 5: Impressions from Art Car Boot Sale

To discuss: Marsha and Kuba to give a short debrief on their trip to Art Car Boot Sale
Discussed: Marsha & Kuba reported back on a selection of interesting options including: possible performance artists, emotional buggy booth, discursive games, mobile book store (from Wales).
Action: DWG to decide on who to invite.
Action: (All) update wiki with proposed invitees or send email to Kuba.

Item 6: Currencies, Money and Pricing

To discuss: Tracking development of the currency system. Deciding our policy on monetary exchanges
Action: (Neil F) Increase power of laser cutting for Felt tokens

Item 7: Preps for wokshops on 18th

To discuss: Review results of previous workshops. Discuss ways to move forward. Tools and manpower.
Discussed: Public Works have provided Neil C with a set of typologies of modular components. The modular format should allow for integration with recycled materials.
Action: (Neil C) to email working group to bring own tools.
Action: (All) to bring own tools as Chelsea tools seemed ineffective.

Item 8: Negotiations with RHP Management

To discuss: we need to reach a consensus on our obligations to RHP Managment and clarify our requests to them. There is a minor issue with the security, the College wants CP to cover the costs from project's budget, which is not accounted for before.
Discussed: Security costs which amount to extra hours:

7:30am to 9pm approx £66 x 2 round up to £150 for Saturday.

What do we do about de-installing?

Will also need security on Sunday?

What to de-install

Need provision for disposing of stalls

Some Tables & Benches to be utilised by Parade ground

Concern over what is left behind

Possibly sell & auction some

Action: n/a

Item 9: Speakers' Corner

To discuss: Update on preparations for construction and discussion about how it will work and who will speak - please see this page for further information.
Discussed: Live evaluative feedback system for market.

Speakers corner to be used for mini-lectures.

Set up page on wiki to fill with contributers

Need a time keeper & bell ringer

Kuba to curate.

The list will be populated but also contain free slots.

Action: (All) to propose invitees and populate list.

Item 10: Publicity

To discuss: [Confirming various press] bits and pieces

1) All invitees to use facebook and other social media to invite their contacts.

2) Google doc for storing securely contact details of invitees for sending handouts and other literature for distribution.

3) List of emails of important people we want to invite via Chelsea.

Chelsea can help with this. Have provided 2 people who will be tweeting on our behalf.

4) Chelsea has no strategy for engaging with the local Pimlico community. So suggestions include:

1. Flyers through doors

2. Local Paper

3. Newsletters

Market of Values is not just an art market so consider who we target.

Need posters ready for the Chelsea Degree show.

Deadline is Wed am.

Suggested: Need to change the poster using image from Andreas of typologies reflecting the Market possibly hand drawn. And print text on the image still needs work on.

Action: (All) to propose invitees and populate list.

Action: (Curatorial Working Group) provide instructions text of what we want them to provide – part of the curatorial pack.

Action: (All) Inform what we need from stallholders and generate content for marketing and publication.

Item 11: Flat at Chelsea

To discuss: Amy to discuss
Discussed: Item still pending as Meeting over ran.
Action: (All) Defer to next meeting

Any Other Business:

To discuss: Need to organise Skype platform prior to meetings.
Discussed: Skype sessions always end up on Marsha's phone or PC.
Action:(All) organise platform of skype session for future meetings.

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