Meeting Minutes 27 October 2014

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DATE 27 October 2014
LOCATION E-sofas - 3rd floor, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Appoint Chair: Neil

Appoint Minute Take: Marsha

Apologies: Eva

Item 0: Review ACTIONS from our last meeting

  • Marsha and Neil to minute the ICA meeting here - Marsha will pursue for PR.
  • Marsha to report back in due course on whether or not the application for the staff fund was successful this time around - Good news! There is 3000.00 ringfenced by CCW. But they want us to work with an external publisher and need us to confirm the contributors in due course. Malcolm has agreed to champion the project with us. Eurgonics, Minor Composition... Sissu has amazing knowledge in this department will feed back.
  • Neil F to send the proposal around via email or post it on the wiki - Neil F and Marsha will do wiki workshop soon so he can add to the wiki - NOT DONE (we've struggled to find a time to get together.)
  • Neil C to send Neil F a wiki password - DONE
  • Marsha to get in touch with MA student (interested in food) as per Aaron's recommendation - NOT DONE
  • Claire shares that Marenka from Cape Farewell is keen to be involved - an environmentally friendly chef. Claire to add her name to Market of Values Research page - DONE
  • Marsha to ask Wendy for a digital copy of the Graduate Schools planning form for non-peer reviewed conferences - DONE
  • Can we all spend some time on the page where we're aggregating potential stall holders and clean this up a bit? - NOT DONE
  • Can we set up a page to develop the curatorial pack? - DONE
  • Marsha to write to Andreas about looking at his bid. - DONE
  • Marsha to set up a section on this page where we begin aggregating alternative names for market - DONE

Item 1: Screening Series

To discuss: Report backs from Katherine. Outstanding screenings - Metod's and Basia Lewandowska Cummings's. Basia aims to join CP's meeting and discuss what she's envisioning. Can we get a date in the diary for this? And what about Metod's screening? Still on and if so, when?
  • Neil reports back on the Cycle Screening - the screening date is confirmed for December 10, 2014 @ Open School East - we've secured three bikes and put 200.00 and we're hoping that OSE will put some money towards this too. A meeting is scheduled for this Evaluation Screenings working group for 7 November 2:00 in the Research Lounge - E-block
  • Metod is still up for it. We're talking about watching Everything is a Remix. We agree to do this screening on 7 February 2015.
  • Basia isn't at the meeting.


  • Marsha to contact Basia
  • Metod will head up his screening

Item 2: Edward's Five Year publication

To discuss: How do we want to edit this document? - TABLED

Item 3: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: Metod relocating

Metod announces that he'll be relocating to Slovenia in the new year. We'll miss him but are very excited about this new development in his life.


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