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<b>Appoint Chair- Cinzia<BR>
<b>Appoint Chair-</b> Cinzia<BR>
Appoint Minute Taker- Claire  
<b>Appoint Minute Taker-</b> Claire <BR>

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DATE Tuesday 2nd June 2015
LOCATION 5 - 7pm, Sofaville, Top Floor E Block, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

Appoint Chair- Cinzia

Appoint Minute Taker- Claire

Item 1: Administration that's budgeted in the ACE bid

To discuss: £2000 assigned for Kuba to administer #Transacting

Kuba would like to come on 10 June to sort timings, distributor of resources, liaising with stall holders, paperwork out, logistics, work on installation and anything that needs doing. He can't administer the money, Marsha and Claire will do that. There isn't money to pay the other administrators. This money will make it so that Kuba can be in London for the Market. The consensus is that CP is ok paying Kuba.

Item 2: Speakers Corner?

To discuss: Who wants to curate/organise our Speakers Corner

Marsha talked to Shibboleth who has talked to the Speakers Corner Trust. She is working with 16 and 17 year old who could make it, but it would have to be made of cardboard, and CP would need to help. There would be a 2 day overlap of them and us working on the Parade Ground. Karem has experience working with cardboard. Trish and Dan Scott are the artists attached to Speaker's Corner, they're organizing it. Does it have structure? Does it have a programme? Amy will find out what Trish and Dan are planning. Marsha would like to include a roundtable in it, but if not, she will set it up as a stall. We should be careful of how much work this is to take on. Is this too much for us to facilitate? Amy and Marsha will liaise about the contributions of Shibboleth, Trish and Dan to see if they fit together or if they're different things.

Item 3: Currency

To report: Progress of the currency

Neil F., Neil C. and Metod met 2 weeks ago. There are 4 drafts in development. There are problems with the icon for knowledge. Metod will send the second draft out soon. Knowledge isn't just cerebral. But we are dealing with preconceived notions of symbols. The heart raises similar questions. Neil F went to the Machines Room (fab lab, #100 to use machines for a month) who gave him samples. The laser cutter can cut them out and etch. Knowledge, wellbeing, creativity and time are the 4 themes represented in 4 different materials. This currency will facilitate the market transactions. You can get 240 coins from a sheet (takes about an hour). The material is too course for fine detailed designs. Cash can be problematic. The market currency would have to be accepted by stall holders. They would have to either accept both kinds of currency (stall holders could opt out, but we would like to discourage that). It's up for everyone to negotiate what it's worth. We should encourage people to exchange and transact different evaluative currencies. Neil C is using some of his fee to pay for production of the currency. This currency is an experiment. This is an opportunity to play with it and see how it develops. It will be a souvenir that people can take away. It will be good to tell stall holders ASAP to they can work it into their systems of exchange. When people come they will be given currency for giving something, like their email address for example. Will people treat the currency as a commodity?

Item 4: Selection of stalls from the open call

To discuss: Open Call for #TransActing - reviewing submissions

Yes, we will fund this:
ABTU- Yes, they have a car for a stall, could work interestingly with the Market currency
Fabiane Lee-Perrella - Yes
Graham Dunning- Yes
Joey Ryken- Yes, but no bull roarers
Judith Lyons- Yes
Kevin Logan- Yes
Ribas and Herbst- Yes
SE Barnet- Yes, but could tap research better?
Silvia Krupinska- Yes

Yes, but not funded by Open Call:
Akiko Ban- Could refer her to We Are Pop Up? If there's profit making, then stall holder should pay rent. Or curated by Metod? Suggested to Differentiation Working Group
Angela Hodgeson-Teale - not one of the 10 funded, but in
School of the Damned- can't give money, but welcome to come
Dan Smith- invited for a different proposal that is less similar to Ruth's, but internal, so not funded. Possibly storytelling aimed at kids?
Jade Montasterrat- esoteric, but can be invited. Proposal needs to be clarified. Karem or Amy may commission.
Joshua Y'Barbo- he can fund himself
Ruth MacLennon- already being curated by Sissu

Not a fit:
Elena Cogolni- processes of silence, may be too similar to one of Amy's commissions, Marsha may ask Elena to suggest something else
Gavin Freeborn- not funded, but could do it if he wants
Jade Blood- not a fit
Karen Bosy- not a fit
Klaus Pinter- no app
Orsolya Bajusz- not a fit

Item 5: Food in the Market

To discuss: Review discussion related to food in the Market

People will leave if there isn't food. Marsha wants to commission John Teddy (MA student). Josh wants to do a bbq. Cinzia will have food in her stall about care and need. Karem wants to bring people selling food at rates lower than they normally do (and acknowledge it to the market). We won't charge them rent. Perhaps we could negotiate that they trade in Market currency. Karem wants to put fruit in the middle of the market. Food-sellers should have some kind of critique of food.

Item 6: reflect on our working practices

To discuss: reflect on our working practices, especially as we feel pressured to produce the market

When there's pressure we slip into making decisions on the fly, rather than working together. How do we work and what responsibility does that involve? Maybe we need to think about systems and rotating roles. Issues around accountability are arising. Could part of Kuba's admin role involve him following up on actions that people have said they will take? He's unsure if he can take just chasing people. Different people have different strengths, rather than everyone doing everything to the same degree. That should be factored into evaluating out systems. The important thing is to keep the transparency of the decision making process visible.

Item 7: Fees for Eva, Cinzia and Sissu

To discuss: finding money in the budget for other contributors...

Sissu is taking £300 of her budget. Eva and Cinzia can also take £300 from the ACE budget.

Item 8: Any Other Business (AOB)



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