Meeting Minutes March 1 2010

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Location: LFC at 5:00

In Attendance: Cinzia, Ken, Marsha and Neil

Chair: All

Minutes: Marsha and co

Michaela sent her apologies - she's teaching every Monday evening this term

There was general consensus that we'd have agendas for future meetings

ITEM 1: Structure

  • We reviewed Ola and Michal's proposal - there's a sense that things are still very emergent and it may take a lot for granted re. our needs - this is a conceptualization - but it's something we can work with - we're trying to imagine possibilities "beyond a pile of boxes"
  • It's a very different approach to the elegant tensile possibilities of sheet material proposed by Ken
  • Ken suggested we may be able to construct a roof by stretching materials across the units
  • Cinzia wonders if we're working with squares or if they'll vary in size/shape
  • Ken to feedback about our shared perceptions to Ola and Michal - we're encouraged by the sense of assembly and aggregating that these sketches indicate but feel it's still quite abstract - we look forward to pushing these ideas further next week


  • We reviewed Metod's sketches and feel excited about their possibility
  • Neil to feed back to Metod about the specifics


  • Neil observed he's invited all those he said he'd invite and is now receiving responses
  • Cinzia has invited some people who aren't on the list - Kuba also seems to be going this route
  • Marsha was a little confused about the invitations - Who are we inviting for the Market of Ideas? It was agreed that we'd invite people who we thought had the kinds of competencies for holding a stall
  • Kuba has been in touch with The People Speak and there are some concerns around the PowerPoint Karaoke - is this the best event to launch Parade?
  • Kuba has also talked to Public Works - wondering if there're resources to transport something for a stall?
  • Marsha agreed to make a page of confirmed contributors


  • We're all excited about Ola and Michal coming for a week and what to use this time productively
  • We need to develop the barcamp content at next week's meeting
  • Marsha suggested that we might video some of the our process next week and develop this into a promo for Parade - Ken suggested some of his students might be interested in doing something related to this


  • Ken to feeback to Ola and Michal about the second proposal
  • Neil to contact Metod about the idendity
  • Ken to talk to students about videoing next week
  • Ken to talk to students about cooking/food at Parade
  • Neil is meeting with folks from the Polish Institute
  • Ken to ask Laura about gaining access to CP's budget - how do we do this?
  • Marsha to establish page on the wiki for people who are confirmed for the Market of Ideas - You can find this here
  • Next meeting - March 8, 2010 at 4:30 - You can find the developing agenda [Agenda for Parade Working Group Meeting March 8, 2010|here]

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