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DATE Friday 9th May 2014
LOCATION 5:00 - 7:00, Chelsea College of Art and Design E-BLOCK, Millbank

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: Evaluation, Consensus and Location Reflections?

To discuss: What worked; what didn't - other thoughts and reflections. Report back on the publication.

Had aspects like a conference. Take down worked well. It was cathartic. It's interesting that Kioka approached Marsha for a fashion awareness event to borrow some of the twine used. Utopoly went ok/great. It offered a long time to engage in conversation and to struggle with the issues. Not everyone was comfortable with the conference style aspects. Liked Jill's presentation, but there wasn't space to get down to the nitty gritty. Valued respecting the timetable. Starting late means the organisers have to take the hit. This was too small for either a workshop track or a conference track. Though people knew it wasn't a conference, upon arrival it was hard to get outside of the conference mindset. Critical Practice was well organised- we're well practiced at working together. Initially it was confusing what position Critical Practice was taking within the entire event. We have tacit knowledge, we know how to work together. A declaration of practice could be helpful. People who don't know our language perhaps didn't know how to intervene. We have shortcuts of communication that makes it hard for others to come in. We can meet and discuss for entire meetings, but when things need to happen we just do them. Restate aims and objectives as declaration of practice that we can give people to show how we can work with others. We weren't the facilitators, but sometimes there was a question as to whether we were. Was it a CP event? This will alter the publication. We were co-producers, producing separate events. There were long email discussions about food, rather than scheduling. It was an amazing event, the aftershock was happy. Amy Butt's construction solution was really impressive. Do we want to pursue Utopoly? Yes. Critical Practice and whoever else is interested should reinvent the game working off of the ideas from the day. Only one of the groups wasn't energetic. We should design the game before next year's event. Action: put game design date in diary.

Publication: timing is a little delayed. Format is there. Some texts have been sent. Publication has 8-9 cards. Action: Metod will let group know which presenters are not yet represented in the cards. A2 of the scribings. Wiki has images and descriptions of the workshops, if they will be in the publication, too. Neil suggests tack like Parade- post-producing the event. Action: Neil to put forward any money left in his prof budget towards publication. To capture the event it would be good to approach the publication like Parade. It's to all of our benefit if it's amazing. Now that it's a CP event this changes the publication. Action: send write-up for introduction. (use quote on wiki).

Item 2: Stephen Wright's workshop on usership, 20th June

To discuss: There was the possibility of doing this workshop on one of the boats in Chris Wainwright's flotilla. But would this dilute the focus? Would it perhaps make more sense for us to do run the workshop on dry land? Is there interest in combining this with a book launch and screening related to Stephen's little publication for AND?

Date confirmed. Should we do the workshop on one of Chris Wainwright's boats? There is a screening that night. Stephen is having a book on poaching launched with films about it that night by And. The boat could be better saved for the picnic. How should we use Stephen? This is about usership. Can we give him a direction for a workshop? Something about opportunism? Ask him about usership of moving image? Action: ask Stephen to do an all day event about usership. Offer to do the screening in the Green Room at Chelsea. Neil to touch base with And. Marsha to book Green Room for the whole day. Listening for his approach to ethics.

Item 3: Evaluation Screenings Season

To discuss: Where are we in Evaluation Screenings process? General reflections on the AIR screening. Amy to report on her and Catherine's work for upcoming ones; Marsha to report on how things are developing with Basia.

Action: set up wiki page to come up with a name for the screenings. First one 24 May (Sat) at Bread and Roses, 5:30-8:30pm. Pub named after textile workers strike in Massachusetts. Screening there The Women of Brukman (2007). Banners (textiles) and applique- workshop talking about values at the beginning, and people make banners during the screening. Possibly learn cross-stitch? Could there be a second session to get all the activity in? Is there any food there? Action: Amy to check and see if we can bring pot luck. Should the second part be formalised? Second screening: cycling cinemas. Cycle from Chelsea to CSM. 24/25th June. Outside space for a screening of Ladri di Biciclette (1948). DAC revolutionised how bikes are secured. Inverted Auction of Tournament of Evaluation? How to make it into a game? Generators attached to bikes to power the projectors. Teams seeing value shout it out and then swap cyclists to gain points. Chart of value and values as the film goes on. Action: Metod to create e-flier for each screening ASAP. It will have an illustration (needle/thread, cycling). Could possibly use the old police station for a screening in Autumn.

Basia's screening is still on the agenda. She's been in touch with group at Goldsmiths about night of YouTube screenings at The Common House. She can do this by the end of June. CP would need to pay for this. Marsha likes this idea. Watch this space.

AIR screening- address this at another meeting.

Item 4: Futurising the Curriculum: THIS IS HOW WE ROLL and THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY

To discuss: Marsha to intro what the project is about, where it's at and how CP might be involved.

Claire Heford and Marsha put in successful funding bids from SEE. #5,000 total. This includes money for labour documenting the events. The events are cycling tours. Sustainability and Resilience 17th/18th June. Employability is 12th/13th June. Tours look at practices that exemplify these themes. Neil would like someone to document it using a specific GPS app. Documenting each tour is about 2 days work. Action: Marsha to send out an email to CP looking for expressions of interest from documentarians.

Item 5: Funding

To discuss: Funding the market...or not...

CP needs to have a larger conversation about funding the farmer's market. There's no money and Baxter Story has a monopoly at Chelsea on fresh food sold during certain hours. The Market of Evaluation has #500. Do we want to do the market here? Kuba and Marsha have been talking to Hackney Wick about possibly havign the market there. It would have to happen in September or October, which is fast. Think about relocation? Is there a better place? We can do it in a park if we don't need to build much. Funding is still the fundamental question. Think about crowd funding. We need to learn to do this. Action: revisit crowd-funding. Look at goteo.org. Need a bigger discussion around gathering resources. Schedule special meeting for funding the Market of Evaluation. Neil will do a doodle poll for a meeting date. Could raise money with an auction?

Item 6:

To discuss: Funding for The Practice Garden - request for £20.00

Money towards troughs for planting, flowers in railing baskets, anti-rust paint. Action: go shopping.

Item 6: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: Anything not on the agenda

Ping pong- CCW v. CSM.

Think about auctions...

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