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DATE Tuesday 21st April 2015
LOCATION Sofaville, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

Appoint chair: Neil

Appoint Minute Taker: Amy/Neil

Present: Amy, Neil, Claire, Karem, Marsha and Kuba on skype with surroundsound.

Item 1: Reportback on Skype meeting with Andreas Lang of public works (Kuba and Marsha)

2 weeks ago - scope of involvement (collaborative), Shared news of grant, and discussed issues and processes of construction

Item 2: How to organize the Market construction process? (Kuba)
a. Invention / Form

How do we imagine Andreas role as an architect?
Suggestion of Andreas running a one day workshop - 23rd May? What do we want to explore? Do we set the agenda for this workshop or does he? We have budgeted £3,000 for materials...
Neil has worked out costings for Bamboo stalls.. how will this fit with the workshop?
Karem is keen to use found materials.
Neil has sourced wooden trestle tables for £63 (folding, that could be used as a resource, for other events in the future) as a base for some of the TransActing Stalls
Can the workshop be about the overall structure of the market and the flow of materials...? Claire and Marsha are trying to find storage for cast off material from Degree Show
Neil Suggests speaking to TED to get them to help source and design a fabric covering for the stalls?
In Hong Kong they use umbrellas - can we go to the lost property office for umbrellas?? (see the beautiful book Lost Property! We would need to go to Greasby's auction to buy them!) Stencil on the umbrellas? Karem - do we need a call for materials?
Neil's costings - £90 per stall... make 10, 15 or 20 and have others recycled that work around? Simple. Trade off - labour and cost
With Falke we had lack of preparation, there was a lot of labour in processing the 'found' materials. Labour and storage.... comes up again!
Karem can invest a lot of time in building. Can we think about the flow through the market? Can Andreas help with this? Think about the key things we want to intergrate in? In Brixton - open source. Can Karem spearhead the found materials?

ACTION: Find out from workshops what they are thinking about storage of materials post degree show
ACTION: Neil will speak to someone in Textiles Environment Design They are interested and thinking about it
ACTION: Amy to set up page on Wiki for the Andreas workshop - what do we want to think about?
Item 3: prototyping
i workshops with Andreas

proposed day: Saturday 23rd of May

Item 4: Security
i Marsha feels we need metal fences to protect the materials and stalls from the passing public on the Parade Ground.
ACTION: Marsha/Claire to confirm they are still available
ii Overnight security

There is no need for overnight security. Claire - they must have insurance. Don't leave anything out there you want to loose. In market spaces people leave things, and there are cameras, and a guard in the Gate House

Item 5: Storage & materials
i. how do we want to source and store materials and stalls?
ii. how to recycle the institution? degree shows and what is left over?
Item 6: Rental
i. how many and what kind of already existing stalls will we source?

Neil thinks not many.

Item 7: Logistics
i. how to bring materials / stalls to Chelsea - who? with what?
ii. bikes? cars?
Item 8: Labour

do we have sufficient workforce on ourselves?
For PARADE we had a contingent of students.... Do we recruit students from UAL? Marsha has contacts with various design and architecture courses. Do we have the time? People who can have their own stall and help with ours? Claire thinks there is no harm in asking. What can we offer? Transferable skills?
We could provide them with stalls. Could it be a part of the curriculum? For PARADE there were 20 people, to take down there were about 4 people......glamour :-( Its hard to say how many people we need. Another question for Andreas? Whats a simple way to construct? Neil Says not to worry, his idea is simple to construct, one person could assemble about 4 stalls a day. We're obsessing over stalls.
What is the commitment of our people? how do we attract others to work with us? whom do we want to attract? (students, potential stallholders, etc.)

Item 9: Permissions, H&S, Risk Assessment, Insurance (personal / public liability)

There is public liability.
Marsha is concerned about risk assessment. Can Wendy help? For PARADE they didn't give a shit when it came down to it.

ACTION: Claire will speak to Wendy and Kelly about the Risk Assessment form.
Item 10: Meeting with RHP people (Marsha to feedback):

Kelly Palmer from the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground would like to join one of our meetings to get a better sense of the market. This could be a good idea. What do we think? If it’s agreeable, when could we meet with her. We decide there is no merit in her coming to a CP meeting.

ACTION:Wendy and Marsha will meet with Ms Palmer.
Item 10: Budget
i. brief presentation of ACE budget
ii. how do we want it to be distributed?

There is 12,000 for artists fee in the budget (10 CP core members x 6 days at £200 a day)
£6,000 for core group and £6,000 for participants?
Do we install a flat rate? How to deal with different levels of commitment? Do we have a flat rate for everyone? Or case to case basis?
For CP members - declare ourselves - how much do we want to be involved and doing what?
Different groups -- invitees, open call, people pitching up on the day. How will this work? How to keep the stalls being related to value?
Claire would like to commit time but not to take money. Could the money go elsewhere? yes. Although she could purchase some luxury goods.
We should have a flat expenditure fee for everyone, people how come with a rug, nothing.

Long, long discussion on how to divide the budget. Who to pay and how. organisational amnesia.
We agreed to allocate ourselves (the ten core members named in the ACE bid) £600 and then open up a nightmare of budget management. Karem projects a sovereign accountant of the budget, and we discuss open budget management and collective decision making (again).
We struggle to decide. And then we decide. Each core member will be allocated a notional £ 500 each to manage for their invitees, and save £1000 for the 'open call' a kind of contingency.

Item 11: Meeting schedule - scheduling more generally:
i. Does it make sense to pre-schedule meetings for the next few months so that they’re in the diary?

Yes. We decide to meet every second Tuesday. Next meeting 5th May, 19th May, 2nd June and so on.

Item 12: Wrapping up existing aspects of the research season, etc. What is outstanding?

We abandoned this as we were all fraught and running home to watch the football.

Item 12: AOB

You're joking

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