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In attendance: Andreas, Laura and Carlotta from public works; Helen and Li from Fangli from ISD @ Chelsea; Neil, Karem, Ciniza and Marsha from CP + David Cross

TransActing Stalls working group workshop with public works on 2nd June, 10am -5pm PARADE Ground, Chelsea College of Arts.

Thanks to Helen for supplying a PDF of Enzo Mari's designs

We scavenged some materials

We were invited to bring possible stall or seating typologies. Here's a selection.
Then, We looked at and discussed them.

Then, we went to the Parade Ground and started making a trestle, and a Mari-inspired table frame, from skipped materials.

Karem's table and Mari template
Mari table legs and frame

Andreas/Public works left with the intention of developing some typologies before Stall workshop2

See the minutes of the previous workshop

Mari inspired stall typology 2

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