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In attendance: Andreas, Laura and Carlotta from PublicWorks; Helen, David and Li from Chelsea; Neil, Karem, Ciniza, Amy, Claire and Marsha from CP

TransActing Stalls working group workshop with public works on 2nd June, 10am -5pm PARADE Ground, Chelsea College of Arts.

Thanks to Helen for supplying a PDF of Enzo Mari's designs

We scavenged some materials

We were invited to bring possible stall or seating typologies. Here's a selection.
Then, We looked at and discussed them.

Then, we went to the Parade Ground and started making a trestle, and a Mari-inspired table frame, from skipped materials.

Karem's table and Mari template
Mari table legs and frame

Andreas/Public works left with the intention of developing some typologies before Stall workshop2

Photo Documentation

Please follow this link to photo documentation of the workshop.

See the minutes of the previous workshop

Mari inspired stall typology 2

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