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This is the #TransActing Publication Working Group Page

Members: Sissu, Metod, Amy, Eva and Cinzia
Co-ordinator: Marsha

9th February: A Few Formative Thoughts
MARCH 2015
3rd March: Publication Meeting Minutes
APRIL 2015
21st April: Publication Meeting Minutes
MAY 2015
11th May: Publication Meeting Minutes
19th May: A structure for the publication is being developed here
JUNE 2015
1st June We manage to bring all the minutes/and agendas together here
3rd June Amy posts TransActing Timeline counting down action to take place here
4th June Wendy emails to request our CCW posters are ready for the 19th - when the degree show starts. Metod suggests the publication group add publicity to its remit.
12th June Developing the press release with Wendy Short and Sarah McLean
4th September We have a very enjoyable Skype session discussing terms for Glossary.
9th September As summer is now over, it's time to round up the content. Here's a page detailing the stallholders' contributions to the publication
17th September TransActing Publication: Deadlines
MAY 2016
4th May Publication Meeting Minutes

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1st August: Content from stallholders