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Coordinator: Kuba (would prefer to resign from this function due to the uncertain mandate of this group)
Members: Cinzia, Marsha, (Amy, are you game?)

The purpose of this group is to work with individual member-artists of CP who were named in the bid to curate #TransActing: A Market of Values in such a way that it represents greater scope and diversity. We're looking for productive friction between stalls and the values they represent.

Recent developments
After the CP General Meeting on 16th of June, it seems that DWG needs to acknowledge the rough consensus of CP about the number of stalls, as everyone agreed that we need between 40 and 50 stalls max.
Also seems that individual CP members might have other plans for allocating their stall holders' budget than discussed by DWG during DWG meeting on Saturday 13th of June
Still, there is a will to fill in the Gaps in Market Agenda by utilising some previous Concepts for Diversyfing the Market
All CP Members are asked to fill in their proposals for extra stalls. We aim at the rough number of 50 stalls in total, current count is between 45 and 50.

List of Extra Stalls
#1 XXX Saddie Hennessy The Stupid Club The Commodification of Pain Yes
#2 XXX Belle Tidswell Emotional Baggage and Fabrications Gallery Handling with Care of Emotional Baggage Yes
#3 **** **** ***** ********** ****
#4 **** **** ***** ********** ****
#5 **** **** ***** ********** ****
#6 **** **** ***** ********** ****
#7 **** **** ***** ********** ****
#8 **** **** ***** ********** ****

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