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Project Narrative for #TransActing in publication - this will be an abbreviated version of the one we had in PARADE - ideally about 15 entries - we're looking at a section of about 16 pages. Image suggestions would be excellent. Turning points, etc.

NB: Could we get something in here about the currency? Maybe when it's pitched and/or takes shape?

January 2011: Kuba and Marsha meet with Artur Zmijewski to discuss the possibility of Critical Practice featuring in the Berlin Biennial, which will look at the "What is the use/effect of art?" - review Berlin wire to determine what happens here...

July 2012: Market of Values proposal - Dortmund - project failed because...Chelsea couldn’t get the letter of support sorted - ask Kuba and Metod to weigh in on this to be sure it’s correct (Format: wiki image/blurb) October 2012: Post-doc fellowship in Critical Practice is advertised...this will mean there is someone who is being paid to research in and writing funding applications for Critical Practice - the post starts on 28 May 2012 and runs for two years. (Format: Suggestions? Maybe just a paragraph for this - could connect to SSW.)

October 2014: Market of Values Working Group – discuss diversity of market stalls to include Auction, Speculation & Gambling stalls. For this to work market goers would need a Currency to transact with, for wealth to fluctuate & provide a level of jeopardy.

November 2014: Currency idea expanded to incorporate Rawlsian 'veil of ignorance' so market goers are allocated currency according to a starting status either upper/middle/working class, socio-economic banding, 1% or 99%, others may be celebrities etc. participants can earn, trade, gamble, be rentiers depending on status to acquire higher value market goods or services.

March 2015: We get the ACE money - Marsha and Kuba write the application over Christmas holidays - feels like a longshot but we pull it off. We have funding + the money from CCW - amazing part of it - in-kind support from RHP - something like 10k/day - (Format: include letter of agreement - ACE - scanned, assuming they are okay with this)

May 2015: Market will now only be a one day event. Practicalities of alternative currency debated. Getting stall holders to accept new Currency maybe difficult as may have own ideas for transactions , distributing to market goers may be problematic – conclude that market should be a mixed economy. Want to explore wealth beyond capital, capital is not only money! Currency WG (working group) formed Neil C, Metod, Neil F.

20 May 2015: Currency WG - Neil C suggests collaboration with MachinesRoom (FabLab) to produce currency. Neil F contacted Gareth Owen Lloyd of MachinesRoom.

21 May 2015: Neil F presents new proposition for Currency – demonstrate mockup with pack of cards, poker chips and map of parade ground. To challenge primacy of cash – split value into constituent parts. Each stall would have to accept at least 2 values to make a transaction. Idea accepted – Each currency should have 3 levels of identification: an Icon, Written text, and Material. After some discussion looked at Utopoly Game (designed by CP) and came up with Wellbeing, Time, Knowledge & Creativity. Metod to design Icons, Wellbeing=Heart, Time=Egg Timer, Creativity needs to be like a spark, Knowledge more difficult didn't like brains, books, mortar boards 'knowledge isn't just cerebral!' . Currency needs to have text on both sides needs the CP logo - Need at least 300 of each. Very successful Design meeting!

22 May 2015: Currency WG - Neil F pops over to MachinesRoom to see facilities and meet Gareth and Tam Vibert – interested to collaborate and also run a stall. Get samples from laser cutting and etching.

26 May 2015: Currency WG -Neil F shows samples including sheet of cut out tokens from 3mm plywood. Neil C likes samples and emails Metod. Feel we can work with MachinesRoom.

27 May 2015: Currency WG -Metod impressed with samples – will create initial designs and relate to overall #Transacting branding. Confirm we want to go forward with MachinesRoom using monthly option to use facilities. MachinesRoom keen to be represented at #Transacting.

02 June 2015: CP Meeting feed back on Currency WG – still working on Knowledge Icon. Still issue of getting stallholder and market goer buy in to use currency. Neil F concerned that the decision to allow traditional cash based stalls (to add to funds) could be problematic leading to confusion and breaks consistency of use. Neil C happy for opportunity to play with it and see how it develops. Other features: would facilitate transactions & act as a souvenir of the event. As people arrive could give in exchange for something e.g. contact details. Would people treat the currency as a commodity and value it?

June 2015: Open call closes 1 June - amazing meeting when select who will benefit from 1000 funding - Stall workshops - 2nd/18th June - building our collaboration with public works... Aha moment - Enzo Mari OS modular furniture design. (Format: we have lots of great images from these events).

03 June 2015: Currency WG Neil F - Wellbeing to be represented by Felt (in honour of Joseph Beuys) soft but also strong and protective. Also idea for Knowledge – The Flame of Knowledge re: Prometheus, passing the flame, enlightenment etc. Metod & Neil C like these ideas.

July 2015: 1 July Commencement of build - Upcycling degree show - Amy's food; trouble in paradise - Marsha throws a fit and there are two different invites

11 July 2015: Market Day

August 2015 - distribution of stalls - some stay on the RHP and others go to 'good homes'

Acknowledge Intellect application and publication...a long time in coming...