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The general function of the Funding Ourselves working group is to develop the Millbank Organic Market, and other revenue streams

Coordinator: Neil Cummings
Members: Marsha Bradfield, Amy McDonnell, Karem Ibrahim,
We are meeting on the 10th - 6-8.

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  • Is there an intrinsic link between evaluation and utopia? Yes there is. Some of the presentations were about trying to make assessments and value judgements about things - spatially and temporally. There seem to be overlaps - such as communities of evaluation (that are estranged from the time/space of the present).
  • Neil gives an example of a paper - one young-former Chelsea student has the job working with 'described video' - they employ people to listen to what people are saying and to type the text in real time. Her presentation was about the separation between her subjective voice and the voice she produces through a form of simultaneous translation/stenography. It's about this split between these different aspect of herself...