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Value Cloud is a semantic web, which can be visualised using such educational toys like ABCya Word Clouds. The semantic power of the value-tag is determined by the number of repetitions from 1 (weak) to six (v. strong). Please add tags, and play with the visualisation. Tags list both abstract (values) and concrete (objects of exchange). Remember that the online programme is VERY simple, so you need to use SINGLE WORDS (link two words into one). Leave six repetitions only for Market, Transacting and Values.
[[user: Marsha Bradfield | Marsha] and [user: Kuba Szreder | Kuba] believe that the collectively generated Value Cloud might serve as the basis for our visual identity.


Alternative, alternative, art, art, art, art, attention, attention,
Barter, barter, bbq, bbq, beauty, bricks, byob, byob, byob,
Cameraobscura, care, care, care, cassette, choice, clinic, commoning, commoning, commoning, commoning, creativity, critique, critique, critique, currency, currency, currency,
Darkroom, data, data, debt, debt, dignity, disvestment, disvestment, DIY, DIY, DIY, domestic, domestic, donation, donation, donation
Ear, ecosystem, ecosystem, education, education, emotions, emotions, equality, equality, ethics, ethics, ethics,
Fairness, fairness, fairness, financialisation, financialisation, financialisation, floss, floss, food, food, food, free, free, free, futuretelling,
Generosity, generosity, generosity, gentrification, gentrification,
Image, image, immateriality, incorporated, intuition,
Jewelry, juice, juice
Knowledge, knowledge,
Labour, labour, labour, listening, lollypops, lostandfound
Makers, makers, Market, market, market, market, market, market, managerialism, managerialism, materiality, materiality, memory, memory, meritocracy, money, money, money, moneychanger, moneychanger, multiplicity, multiplicity,
Nature, noncapitalistic, nonmonetary, nonmonetary, nonmonetary, nonmonetary
Offshore, organs, organs,
Paid, paid, posthuman, posthuman, postoil, postoil, preservation, preservation, property, property, public, public, public, personalvalues, promises, promises,
Reading, reading, realestate, realestate, recycling, recycling, recycling, resilience, resilience, resource, resource, reuse, reuse, rivers, rivers,
Sadness, selforganisation, selfpublishing, silence, silence, skills, sound, socialinnovation, species, speculation, speculation, sustainability, sustainability, sustainability, surveillance, swapping, swapping
Tears, therapeutic, time, time, time, touch, touch, tourism, Transacting, transacting, transacting, transacting, transacting, transacting. trashtreasure, trashtreasure,
Ubuntu, ubuntu, unpaid, unpaid, usership, usership, utopia, utopia
Values, values, values, values, values, values, vodka,
Water, water,
Yolo, yolo